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The Young Engineers Section of BEC was established with the main objective to assemble all engineering students and graduated or young engineers of Cambodia and to connect them to ASEAN in particular and to the world in general. The cultivation and explosion of young engineers to the professional engineering world normally goes through seminar, workshop, and conference with compliment or under the umbrella of BEC. As the YES sails into the AEC foreseeing more challenges ahead, the current Committee has spent significant effort to develop a clear vision of the Section’s role in BEC. 


The Young Engineer Section (YES) was founded in 2001 just one year after the establishment of Engineering Institute of Cambodia (EIC) to govern and represent the YES in Cambodia. Back then the founding chairman was Mr. Heng Sokbil who became the first chairman of the YES. At the 9th Meeting of YEAFEO in 2002 during CAFEO 20 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia he became the YEAFEO Chairman. Subsequently, the leadership of EIC change its representation in AFEO to the Board of Engineers Cambodia (BEC). With this change YEAFEO in Cambodia is now part of BEC.


To continually and progressively support the professional development of graduate and student members and transfer technology, share experiences from seniors to juniors and match between the supply and demand in engineering market.


  • To assist members towards achieving professional status
  • To promote YES to members
  • To provide a platform for professional interactions amongst members
  • To pursue affiliation with regional and international institutions

Organisation Chart

EIC (2002-2008)

  • Ir. Leang Hy (Chairman 2013-2015) Civil Society (EIC)
  • Ir. Sok Tetya (General Secretary 2013-2015)
  • Ir. Puoy Puthitha (General Treasurer 2013-2015)

BEC (2009-Present)

  • Ms. Prak Chhayrotana (Chairlady 2013-2014) Governmental Body (BEC)
  • Mr. Heng Keomakara (Secretary General 2013-2014)

Contact Details
Ir. Sok Tetya
#54 Str. 1003 S/K Phnom Penh Thmey,
Khan Sensok, Phnom Penh,

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