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Brunei Darussalam
Observer – HKIE (Young Members Committee)
Observer – IPEJ (Young Engineers Committee)

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Chairman – Ir. Haudhi Ramdayuza (PII, Indonesia)

Secretary General – Mr Muhammad Ashiq Marecan (IEM, Malaysia)

About Us

We, representing the Young Engineers of the national engineering organizations under the umbrella of the Asean Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO), comprising members engaged in the common professional pursuit of engineering, aware of the important role of engineering to the advancement of the social, economic,and industrial development of the ASEAN Region; concerted in the effort to elevate and improve the quality of life of the ASEAN people dynamic actions, productivity, increase employment opportunities and equitable distribution of wealth among the masses of the ASEAN nations; united in our consensus to participate actively in any industrial and technological programs of the ASEAN; desirous of exchanging and sharing engineering technology; concerned in rendering protection of our basic professional rights; cognizant of the need to establish harmony and rapport among the members of our profession; and having formally associated ourselves, do hereby ordain and promulgate these Constitution and By-Laws.


To be dynamic and progressive organization that leads to the development of young engineers in the ASEAN region.


  • To promote understanding, goodwill and co-operation among young engineers.
  • To promote and exchange ideas, concerns and experiences.
  • To support the purposes and objectives of the AFEO.

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